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E-news Broadcast March 13, No. 443

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News Headlines

Drugs in waterDrugs in Water: A cocktail is in our drinking water
A cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs Ė including antibiotics, anti-convulsants and mood stabilizers Ė is in the public water supply in the USA and the UK.  Up to 100 different drugs have been detected in our water supply, and in reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

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AmbulanceHeart Attack: 200 chest compressions could save your life
A heart attack victim should receive up to 200 chest compressions without interruption for the best chance of survival.  Itís part of a new emergency technique called minimally-interrupted cardiac resuscitation (MICR), which can increase survival rates by eight times compared with the current approach.

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VaccinationsMMR: Vaccine can cause blood disorder
Thereís more bad news for advocates of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine with the discovery this week that it can cause a blood disorder.  Researchers have found that it may trigger immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), an immune system malfunction that destroys the bodyís own blood platelets.

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BroccoliBroccoli: Why itís so good for us
Itís been called the king of vegetables, and scientists are getting closer to understanding just why broccoli has so many health-giving qualities.  Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables can boost the immune system, and fight the free radicals that damage our cells.

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Diesel exhaustDiesel Exhaust: It can affect the way our brain works
Diesel exhaust from heavy lorries can affect the way our brain works.  Researchers have finally discovered that tiny particles from diesels change the way our brains function, although itís not clear if they can impair our abilities.

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